While the market for our products is almost universal, there are certain industry groups that are more likely to utilize our product lines. The following represents these industries and is categorized by Standard Industrial Code (SIC) classification system.

2011 Meat Packaging Plants Bags, Box Liners
2015 Poultry Processing CVP Bags, Box Liners
2022 Cheese Long/Short Hole Nylon Film, Bag/Box Liners
2024 Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts Bags, Sheeting, Shrink Bundling Film
2032 Canned Specialties Bags, Shrink Bundling Film
2033 Canned Fruit and Vegetables Bag, Shrink Bundling Film
2037 Frozen Fruits and Juices Bags, Drum Liners for leakage
2043 Cereal Breakfast Food Bags, Box Liners and Cereal Liner Film
2044 Rice Milling and Flour Bags
2047 Dog, Cat and other Pet Food Liners, Shrink Bundling Film
2048 Prepared Feeds Bags
2051 Bread & Bakery Products Bags, Box Liners
2052 Cookies and Crackers Bags, Box Liners
2064 Candy and Confectionary Bags, Box Liners
2067 Chewing Gum Shrink Bundling Film
2077 Animal – Marine Fats & Oils Drum Liners
2079 Shortening, Oils and Margarine Bags, Box Liners, Shortening Bags
2086 Bottled & Can Soft Drink & Water Shrink Bundling Film
2091 Fish and Seafood Canned Bags, Box Liners, Shrink Bundling Film
2200 Textile Mill Products Gerber Film, SWS, Bags
2273 Carpets and Rugs Textured SWS, Bags
2500 Furniture and Fixtures Bags
2522 Metal Office Furniture Bags
2600 Paper & Allied Products Shrink Bundling Film, Overwrap Film
2671 Flexible Packaging Converters Performance Films
2700 Printing and Publishing Shrink Film
2711 Newspaper Publishing Bags, Shrink Film
2800 Chemicals & Allied Products Drum Liners, Bags, Box Liners
2821 Plastic materials, Synthetic Resins Drum Liners, Bags, Box Liners
2834 Pharmaceuticals Bags, Box Liners
2841 Soap and Detergent Bags
2900 Petroleum Refinery Gaylord Bags, Bags
2952 Roofing, Asphalt Coating Pallet Shrink Bags
3000 Rubber & Plastic Low Melt Bags, Release Film, Bags
3085 Plastic Bottles Bags, Box Liners
3086 Plastic Foam Products Bags
3087 Custom Compounding Bags, Gaylord Liners
3200 Stone, Clay, Glass, Concrete Shrink Bundling/Hooder Film, Pallet Covers, Bags
3300 Metal Industry VCI Film, Bags, Tubing to cover steel rolls
3600 Electronic Components Bags, Shrink Bags
3700 Transportation Equipment Shrink Film
3732 Boat Building and Repair Shrink Film
4300 US Postal Service Mailer Bags, Overwrap Film
4500 Transportation by Air Delivery Bags, Ice Bags