Technology: PKG’s state-of-the-art multi-layered plastic film provides unmatched physical, optical, and aesthetic characteristics.  This Technology has allowed us to offer impressive price and performance advantages.  We have the ability to drastically improve film performance in ways that enhance product protection and reduce film failures. The proprietary co-extrusion processes that we use with custom resin blends are what separates PKG from our competitors.

Technological Advantage: Multi-layered plastic substrate equipment has been built with a high degree of versatility so several types of plastic or polymers can be combined into one film structure.  This allows us to meet special needs for our customers.

* Physical Properties of the film are increased
* Increased raw material savings
* Lower costs due to additional “thin walling”
* Most advanced Automatic Bubble Stability Control available in the industry
* Fully integrated Extrusion Control and Monitoring System
* Recipe storage
* Data acquisitions
* Frost line control
* Gauge control for more line speed and higher cycles.

3-300x200          51-300x225

Certifications: PKG film and materials meet several certifications in the food and medical industry.  Please call for specific documentation.

Stock Resin and Additives:
Broad Molecular Weight Resins,   Plastomers and Metalocene,   Ultra LLDPE,   Rubber Modified,   Polypropylene,   PET,   Surlyn,   Hexenes,   Octene,   Butene,   Low Density,   Liner Low Density,   High Density,   UVI,   EVA,   EVOH,   Flame retardant,   Anti Skid,   VCI,  Differential Slip Additives,   Anti-static,   Nylon


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