PKG is a family owned and operated flexible film company. We pride ourselves on first-rate products and outstanding customer service. We treat each and every customer, no matter how big or small, with the same great service and attention to detail that our clients have come to expect.

PKG supplies customers with plastic substrates in the flexible packaging industry. With plants in Ohio near Cleveland, Mansfield, and Cincinnati.  We are on the forefront of innovation and technology. We focus on quality and specialization to set us apart from the competition.  We believe ingenuity is the key to providing fresh perspectives in creating unique customer solutions.

PKG multi-layered substrates provide unrivaled performance. Multi-layer extrusion equipment is extremely versatile.  Several polymers can be combined into one substrate creating unique film properties. Our extrusion control and monitoring is a fully computerized, integrated system with recipe storage and date acquisition.

PKG supplies one of the highest machinable films on the market and our consistency is unmatched. The physical properties of the film are also increased, resulting in raw material savings and lower cost due to thin walling. PKG is always concerned with environmental issues. We are continually making inroads conforming to sustainable packaging.