We offer a large and unique range of plastic substrates in the flexible packaging industry. With extrusion and converting facilities across the United States, we’ve got you covered!

Batch Inclusion (Low Melt)

Made from EVA a versatile and low melt resin known for its superior thermal stability compared to other materials. Exceptionally low melt points can be obtained which allows for lower mixing temperatures and lower energy costs.

Separator Sheets/Poly Release Film

We have the capability to offer differential slip, anti-skid, easy release, and silicone coated release liners customized in size per customer request.

Poly Scrim

Multi-ply extrusion laminate combining two layers of linear, low density polyethylene with a high‐strength cord grid. It is specifically engineered to provide high strength and durability in a lightweight material. Multiple layers and cord reinforcement resists tears. Grommets, tie‐downs, hems, zippers, drains, and 3‐D custom shapes available. Flexibility and light weight allow for easy handling and quick installation. UV stabilization protects the material from degradation during extended exposure to sunlight. Low permeability greatly inhibits moisture transmission. High durability allows for significant savings through reuse and fewer replacements. Custom fabrication is available to meet your exact specifications.

Surlyn Films

Our skin packaging film is made from the finest ethylene copolymer resins. We extrude many different formulations to meet all your skin packaging requirements. Our formulations provide a crystal clear product presentation, outstanding deep draw, and a high level of toughness.

Bio-Degradable Film

We supply flexible packaging products that are fully biodegradable while maintaining the same mechanical properties as traditional non-degradable products. All of our biodegradable products, from simple to complex, will maintain all of their traditional physical characteristics while at the same time being fully biodegradable.

Foil Lined Bags

The innovative design of these bags maximizes how your products are displayed while efficiently providing a excellent barrier and strength properties.


Our wicketed bags can be used on fully automatic and semi-automatic bagging operations.


We have the ability to offer a variety of venting patterns and styles. Custom venting is available upon request.


Perforations can be added to your film/bags to insure a secure but easy break from your roll. We can customize perforations based on customer needs.

Co-Extrusion Films

PKG, LLC offers co-extruded films in 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 layers. Our multi-layered extruders allow for a high degree of versatility. Several types of plastic and polymers can be used to form one film structure. This gives PKG, LLC the ability to meet the most demanding customer needs.

Mono-Layer films

Mono or single-layer films are made with a high degree of engineering expertise. Mono-layer films are designed to offer high quality with economical pricing.

Shrink Bundling Films

PKG, LLC offers both industrial and clear printable shrink wraps. We offer several applications including freezer grade specific shrink formulations.

Shrink Bundling Film

Stretch Hood Films

Designed with one of the highest force to load ratios in the industry. With our technology we are able to reduce material consumption with superior elasticity (width reduction).

Adhesive/Laminate/ Sealant Films

Lamination sealant webs are designed for high speed applications allowing for instant bond and abundant hot tack strength. These films are available in general purpose and customized structures.

BIB Valve

PKG, LLC offers a wide range of construction-engineered bags and fitments to suit your needs. Bag filling capacity ranges from 1.5L [1/2 gal.] to 1400L [369 gal.] Additionally, our bags are suited for high-technology, high-output production and fully automated filling machines. 

Pocket Bags

PKG, LLC has the converting ability to add pockets and pouches to a small, medium, and large format bags. 

Poultry Film

This film is designed with excellent puncture strength and customized Oxygen Transmission Rates (OTR) to meet each client’s shelf-life requirements. Available in many different color options and bag configurations.

Masking Film

The functionality of this film exhibits an easy lay-down structure onto sensitive surfaces allowing for a releasable bond form the surface.

Autoclave Film (High Temp)

Designed to line carts and withstand the temperatures in Autoclaves. By not melting in the autoclave the bag and its contents can be easily emptied for a container. The bags are designed using materials that will not melt at temperatures below 300 degrees fahrenheit and will not stick to the container.

Fresh Cut Produce Film

Custom formulated blends that enhance overall functionality and processability. This film is designed to have a low seal initiation temperature. We offer a wide range of Anti-fog and Oxygen Transmission Rates (OTR) enhancing the shelf life. This film is excellent for food service and retail market applications.

Dry Good Film (Bag Insertion Film)

Our dry goods film is designed with both high barrier and enhanced sealing characteristics. This film works excellent with both vertical and horizontal packaging equipment.

Instant Quick Freeze Film (IQF)

Stand alone webs suitable for frozen food and general purpose applications. Available in custom and sealant grades. This film is able to be fin or lap sealed. PKG, LLC also offers a variety of peelable sealant layers capable of customizing an easy open pouch or bag.

Mailer Film

This film can be used as a four sided bag, sheeting, side weld bag, or laminated to various substrates.  Security packaging film is offered in a large variety of colors and light transmission rates.

Surface Protection Film

Designed for industrial protection to enhance handling of products.  This film is customized with excellent puncture resistance and is available with a variety of clean removal and permanent bonding adhesives.

Barrier Film

PKG, LLC offers a wide variety of bags and films. With our customized products we can offer everything from highly permeable films for produce to very high barrier bags for long holding of meats, nuts, and cheese. Further customized films are available where high puncture resistance is needed.

Cheese & Meat

Superior barrier film properties with nylon and EVOH as required. Resists flex cracking and degradation from cheese oils. Film seals though contamination. Both Long and Short hole offered. Film is treated with a water bath to prevent curling.

Banner Film

Our banner films can be made in over 12 different colors with no static present in the film. We also use corona treatment levels that are designed specifically for each customers needOur banner film lays very flat and processes extremely well for Offset/Litho printing. Also suitable for UV screen printing, solvent based screen printing and flexographic printing as inks become certified. This film has an excellent corona treatment and ink adhesion.

Tubing/Liners/Mattress Film/Furniture Film/ Carpet Bags

Designed to be extremely puncture resistant and easy to handle. Differential slip and texturized films can be customized to meet various needs.

Ice Bags

Ice standard film in wicketed bags or sheeting.

Underlayment Film

Under-slab water and gas barrier for concrete applications.

Push / Pull Pallet Sheet

Plastic embossed slip sheets for cold storage and food industries.

Bread Bags

Paper, Poly, and Plant based bread bags in a variety of prints and configurations. Everything from 6-12 color retail print to bun over-warp film. We offer a wide assortment of options to fit your specific needs.

Napkin Bags

Surface printable film designed specifically for the paper towel and napkin protective wrap industry. The film exhibits easy tear and great formability characteristics for enhanced machinability.

Valve Bags

Mainly used in the chemical, food, and agricultural industries. A paper or polyethylene based bag that can be filled via an opening on the bag. Typically at the top of the bag, valve bags are filled by inserting a nozzle into the bag that controls the flow of the material. Available for side fill, embossed, printed/non-printed, chemical/food/agricultural usages.

Food-Grade Bags

Bags made with virgin resin and manufactured in certified facilities. This film can be formulated to meet specific needs based on the type of food you are packaging. Available in printed, non-printed, individual/wicketed/FFS, vented/handles/microperf.

Microwaveable Film

Microwaveable film that can be printed, plain, or converted into bags. This film is specially designed to have food placed in the film or bag and then be cooked with an authentic presentation for the end use customer.

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