From the plant floor to the laboratory, PKG, LLC is committed to quality.

PKG, LLC has a high quality testing lab to produce advanced testing data. PKG, LLC tests every piece of film it produces to ensure maximum quality and consistency. We produce FDA compliant films for use with edible food items and understand the importance of high quality dependable film.

PKG, LLC conducts standard testing and its own stringent tests in-house. These include ultimate tensile, puncture resistance, tear strength, dart impact strength, elongation, optical, gauge uniformity, sealability, roll conformity, ink adhesion and coefficient of friction. All PKG, LLC produce bags are vacuum chamber tested for quality.

PKG, LLC tailors products to our customer’s exact needs. With state-of-the-art FTIR analytical equipment, PKG, LLC uses technology to design products and confirm our quality. Additional quality control information is available upon request.

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